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What is Laurel Church of Christ JustLead?

Laurel Church of Christ JustLead is a partnership effort by the Laurel Church of Christ and Emerald Youth Foundation to reach at-risk and low income youth living in the Sutherland Avenue communities. We seek to improve their lives by focusing on enrichment in academics, health and sports, and spiritual discipleship.


Why Sutherland?

The first reason is because it is in our own backyard. We feel strongly that churches are called to be active and present in their communities.

The second reason is because the Sutherland Communities have the third highest prevalence of single mother led homes in the county. We want to be a church that seeks to help single parents with the unique challenges they face.

We also found a very low average income, limited community resources, and an extremely diverse population.

How can I help?

1. We always need quality volunteers from the church and the community to help us invest in the lives of our youth. The first step in becoming a JustLead volunteer is to fill out a volunteer application at EmeraldYouth.org. Be sure to tell them Laurel sent you.

2. We also need people to help us get the word out. Because we are a new program, many people in the community who could benefit from this service, simply do not know we are here. If you know of a Sutherland family who could benefit from this program, let them know!

3. Last, but nowhere near least, we need your prayers, for our program, for our kids and families, for our staff, our community and our schools.