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Matt Deen

I grew up in an area of West Nashville called The Nations. It was a poor neighborhood, plagued by crime. Prostitution, drugs, and theft were common place. Our community schools had the highest dropout rates in the city. I was lucky though. I was blessed to have two great Christian parents who valued education. I was also blessed to have many adult friends who served as tutors, coaches, and counsellors. Many of the mentors attended the same church as me, and were dedicated to seeing me grow both mentally and spiritually. As I grew older I started to recognize that having both parents in the home, graduating from high school and holding a good job made me and my family unique in my neighborhood. My heart started to go out to kids who were not so lucky. I started serving with Youth Encouragement Service in The Nations in 2007, completing many volunteer hours and two internships. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Johnson University in April 2014, and started Laurel Church of Christ JustLead soon after. I have been in Knoxville and at Laurel since 2010. My ministry experiences include being a house parent, a youth minister and inner city ministry. As the director of Laurel JustLead, I strive to give kids opportunities to better themselves mentally, physically and spiritually through challenging academic enrichment, structured team sports, and solid Biblical instruction.